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Meal Announcement!

On Tuesday, November 24 and December 1,  a five day meal pack that includes both breakfast and lunch will be available for pick-up with a drive though option ONLY at Gilmer County Elementary from 7:30 to 1:00 p.m.  Students enrolled in Gilmer County Schools, WV Virtual School, Home School and children 18 and under not attending school are eligible to receive the free meal packet.   Parents, child care providers or neighbors picking up meals are asked to use the parent pick-up loop and remain in the vehicle.  Meal packs will be brought to your vehicle. Child nutrition remains a top priority for our Gilmer County Students.  Stay safe and healthy!

  • Gilmer County will go on a five day regular schedule.
  • All professional staff’s work day - 7:45 am to 3:45 pm
  • All students will wear a face covering on the bus and will be seated according to family and bus stops. We will load the back of the bus and move forward.  A mask will be provided to those that do not have their own entering the bus.
  • Buses will unload one at a time. Students will walk through temperature scanners entering the building with a person stationed to assist if needed.  Students will “grab and go” breakfast and report to their home room.
  • Evening dismissal will be limited to 2-3 buses at a time to decrease hallway traffic. Buses will be announced for departure.
  • Students’ schedules will be developed so “core grouping” can occur. Students will remain in these pods for the day.  The only exception will be high school scheduling where social distancing will be observed.  Modified block scheduling will also be utilized so students are only transitioning once before lunch and once after lunch.  8 periods will still be the schedule but on alternative days.
  • Hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, stairways, and walkways will be marked with directional flow and social distancing.
  • Face covering will be provided to all employees and students as needed.
  • Disposable masks will be purchased for each student for daily use.
  • Masks/face coverings will be worn by everyone in shared spaces (ie hallways, bathrooms, commons area).
  • Visitors will be limited to only essential business. No volunteers or college observers will be granted access to buildings,
  • Cafeterias will be utilized with 50% capacity for lunch. All breakfast will be in the rooms.
  • Cooks and custodians will be required to wear face coverings.
  • Shields will be purchased for: school offices (front desk, principals, counselors) PPE will be purchased for each school.
  • Custodian’s schedules will be adjusted so a deep clean will occur daily at each building.
  • Refilling station will be purchased for water fountains so students will have access to water without cross contamination.
  • Plan B: Full remote learning – staff will undergo training on Schoology at the beginning of year to be able to convert to online.  Beginning of school (Professional Development) will be dedicated to training staff.
  • Gilmer County’s plan was developed with the WVDE guidance:

DMV Driver Eligibility Certificate

For Instruction Permit or License



1.     Request Form for the Driver Eligibility Certificate is requested by the student at the SCHOOL OFFICE.


2.     Completed Request Form will be submitted by the student to the Truancy Diversion Specialist in Room M102d located in the Media Center.


School attendance, behavior and satisfactory academic progress are conditions of licensing for privilege of operation of motor vehicle


3. Status of student is checked and if the student is determined eligible, the school principal will sign  the Driver Eligibility Certificate and submit it to the County Attendance Director for approval.


4. Upon approval, the certificate will be available for the student to pick up in Room M102d.


TIME LINE:  Please allow approximately one week to complete this process (from date of request by student, until issuance of certificate).   Submitting the Request Form 5 days prior to going to the DMV will ensure that you have the necessary documentation from Gilmer County Schools as needed.  The Driver Eligibility Certificate will expire in 30 days from the date issued.


Mini-Titan Newsletter

Take some time to check-out the most recent edition of the Mini-Titan news by clicking here!

Student Enrollment/Registration

In order to enroll/register a new student at Gilmer County High School parents/guardians need to bring the child's immunization records, proof of residency in Gilmer County, photo identification of the parent/guardian enrolling the student, and any court documents relating to the student (if applicable).  Please call 304-462-7960 beginning Monday, July 20 or email to make an appointment with a counselor.


Please call or contact your child's teacher for tutoring support and times.


DMV Driver Eligibility Certificate

-August to May-

Students needing the DMV driver eligibility certificate to take their driver's test will need to pick up a request form in the main office. Request forms will be processed as quickly as possible, but please allow approximately one week from the date of request by the student until the certificate is issued. This will ensure you have the necessary documentation from Gilmer County Schools when scheduling to take your driver's test.


Sports Physicals

Gilmer County School Based Health will be doing Sports Physicals at Gilmer County High School in the School Based Health Clinic on TBA 8am-6pm. Parents need to provide proof of Well Child Check and immunizations if done with a provider outside of Minnie Hamilton Health System. It is important that your child have an annual Well Child Check (including any needed immunizations). Please make all arrangements to have your child’s Well Child Check performed prior to the sports physical. If a Well Child Check has not been performed within the previous 12 months, or if your child needs immunizations, we will schedule a follow up appointment for your child. If you have insurance, it will be billed for the sports physical, any remaining amount will not be the responsibility of the patient/parent/guarantor, only if scheduling the sports physical on one of the above-specified dates. Appointments MUST be made in advance. If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please call 304-462-3415 or 304-462-7322. Forms can be picked up at the School Based Health Office, Minnie Hamilton Health Systems, Go-Mart, Gil-Co and Rite Aid.


Immunizations for Incoming 7th and 12th Graders

The current school year is rapidly coming to a close, and updated immunization records need to be turned into the school as soon as possible. Please be aware that students, who do not have proof of their updated immunizations turned into their school before May 25th, will not be considered fully enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year. After May 25th, students will not receive a copy of their schedule or be permitted to participate in ANY school-related group, team, or activity until the records have been received. Please do not hesitate in contacting your health care provider today to schedule an appointment.

Students entering 7th grade must show proof of a booster dose of the Tdap Vaccine, and their first dose of the Meningococcal Vaccine.

Students entering 12th grade must show proof of a single dose of the Tdap Vaccine and a dose of the Meningococcal Vaccine after the age of 16.



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